Some Distinctive Features of Artificial Legs Produced by TIDF

1. Originality : They can be produced with low-cost technology.
2. Attractiveness : They are made to resemble with natural limbs.
3. Comfort : They are comfortable to wearers.
4. Short Course : The wearers can be familiarized with the new limbs in a few days.
5. Speed : The part of the limb below the knee can be produced within 2 hours. The part above the knee can be produced within 3 hours.
6. System : The limbs can be mass-produced.
7. Cost : They are 10 to 20 times cheaper than imported prosthetics.

Some Specifications of Artificial Legs Produced by TIDF

1. The artificial legs produced by TIDF won't sink and won't rust because the foot is made of plastic inside covered with polyurethane on the outside. The modular is made of stainless steel and aluminium.
2. Our artificial limbs have suitable weight. However, it cannot be reduced to the point under its carrying capacity.
3. It fits well and won't rub against the skin of the leg stub because of the polyurethane.
4. Our limbs allow good ventilation because they have more voids than resin or pelite.
5. Our limbs can reduce the pressure on the leg stub because there are four flexible joints on the ankle made of urethane, which act as the tendon.
6. The length is adjustable at the part of the leg that is made of aluminium.
7. Each of the parts are adjustable, they fit the physical shape of the wearers.
8. The parts are entirely made by the TIDF team within the Kingdom of Thailand.
9. With the budget of 2 million baht, TIDF can produce enough limbs for the whole amputees in Thailand
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