An Inspiration to Produce Artificial Legs

The founder of TIDF, Mr. Woothiwong Toatong, was inpired to produce artificial legs for, poor people, while watching a documentary produced by ASAHI poor people in North-Eastern Thailand. He was moved by seeing the smiles of those amputees who could walk by themselves again. He asked his Japanese friend, Mr. Ryoitsu Kitamoto, to take him to Japan and to show him the techniques of the making of artificial legs. In Japan he learnt the basic principles of artificial leg production. Also Mr. Katsuji Shirasaka and Mr. Otokio Yamada gave him two artificial legs belonging to two dead people as sample. Open his return to the Kingdom of Thailand, he reported about his visit to Japan and the idea to produce artificial legs free of charge to the poor amputees in Thailand was conceived by the majority of the members of TIDF. Mr. Woothiwong gained further knowledge about techniques in producing artificial legs from Dr. Chusilpa Kunathai and Dr. Suksom Kukietinan of Phra Mongkut Hospital. The project to make the first artificial leg was launched in March 1998. Mr. Woothiwong approached Dr. Saksom Kukietinan again for further advice. With support from various friends such as Mr. Chalit Jatisathian, Mr. Prasert Chuchumsaksri and Mr. Chookiat Korchitwanich, parts for making the first artificial leg were collected and an artificial ankle was created. Then Mr. Woothiwong's friend, Mr. Lerpong Ngarmpojana, came up with what the team thought was a workable design on the 24th of April 1998. The first artificial leg was successfully tested and tried under the supervision of Dr. Chusilpa Kunathai at Phra Mongkut Hospital. The first limb could help the amputee to sit in various positions, e.g. sitting with the legs crossed, sitting with the legs tucked to one side and kneeling. Later limbs were developed, tested, tried and evaluated. On the 7th of September 1998, the team tried another limb in Chiang Mai under the supervision of Dr. Terdchai Cheevakasem, the Secretariat of the Princess Mother Foundation. They experimented with polyurethane and found the material satisfactorily workable.


Finally full articificial legs were invented using 40 sets of moulds. These limbs work almost like human limbs. However, they are much lighter than conventional prosthetics, Mr. Woothiwong and his team are proud to have created artificial legs from materials found in Thailand from the wisdom and the Thai know-how. The team created artificial legs in the same way as ready-made trousers are made. Their techniques have, therefore, been registered with the Department of Intellectual Asset. The team will endeavour to produce more and more limbs for poor amputees. Their good deed will serve as a token for His Majesty the King on the occasion of his 72th anniversary of his birthday in 1999.

Name List of the Innovators
1 Facilitator project Mr.Woothiwong Toatong Wongtanawoot co., ltd.
2 Inventor Mr.Lerpong Ngampojana Kwangcharean co., ltd.
3 Technicial and machine tool Mr.Jung Sae-uae Futo Co., Ltd.
4 Machined part by CNC lathe Mr.Adisak Thamviset Pradit karnchang
5 Artificial foot Mr.Sakpong Satidmaetha Standard rubber
6 Plastic in foot Mr.Prasert Tongtungwong Prasert industrial
7 Bolt and Screw Mr.Poa Matarcha P.K.steel industries
8 Bolt Mr.Narin Kaitmalakul G.Chareanauto Jakkol
9 Stanless foundry Mr.Kitti Nithimapinan Kittifoundry equipment
10 Rubber & Urethane Mr.Cheachai Soysudararat Virayakarnyang
11 Brass Mr.Chukait Korjittawanich Nack. S. Chareankij
12 Stanless stell Mr.Sitthichai Tangpojtaweesak O. thai metal 1991 co., ltd.
13 Aluminium mold Mr.Somsak Janthawan J & F alloid
14 Stanless supply Mr.Direk Aegnavekij Sakaengamwisawakorn
15 Stanless supply Mr.Utid Chokeprasertsom Sangatidkarnchang
16 Galvanize alluminium Mr.Wiboon Rekhachareanphan Linear incial co., ltd.
17 Aluminium supply Mr.Pisan Suchartkulvit Nakorn aluminium
18 Rotary machine for limb Mr.Prasert Leungsrichan Leamthonglohakarnchang co., ltd.
19 Iron foundry Mr.Kit Ngawbenjakul Wanthana foundry co., ltd.
20 Hardchrome Mr.Wiroj Chojpanyawisuthi Wirojkolkan
21 Alluminium injection Mr.Thonglaw Pongpoochaneeyakul Sripothong
22 Alluminium injection Mr.Prakob Chareanpojmanee B.P.K. industrial
23 Cutting iron mold Mr.Suthee Wanthougkoj Thangkoj karnchang
24 Glue Mr.Kampol Leungwaranan Pripathimpack
25 Design rubber machine Mr.Narongsak Ngampojana Saisae industry
26 Gear and part Mr.Wiroj Wichitcharajkul Saenghonglee
27 Gear and part Mr.Chaiyong Pornpatlertsakul Pornpatkolakan
28 Polyethylem limb Mr.Pramol Kijmedee Medee co., ltd.
29 Polyethylene limb Mr.Sakul Keawan Lotofrom (Thailand)
30 Polyethylene limb Mr.Pradit Suchokechaikul Conplast plastic co., ltd.
31 Aluminium supply Mr.Udom Jongtakoonsiri Makgraphic co., ltd.
32 Leather cutting Mr.Pornsak Nanthakait Pisanukam medblock
33 Natural rubber and Glove Mr.Chawan Panitansirikul Sahaboonthong utsahakamyang co., ltd.
34 Urethane Mr.Apai Ananthased Toa uni chemical co., ltd.
35 Stanless part and tool Mr.Chawalit Jatigasatian Samco industry co., ltd.
36 Leather cutting Mr.Wirat Boonyaratanakornkij Boonyarattanakornkij co., ltd.
37 A belt buckle Mr.Chalong Ratsameesangthong W. Ponsilp industry co., ltd.
38 Sand shooting Mr.Tanes Sitthisathienchai S.P.R. 1990 co., ltd.
39 Iron mold cutting Mr.Saroj Nakthong S.R. Wirecut co., ltd.
40 Aluminium mold making Mr.Taksin Bamrungpong Srisaimboonthaipanich co., ltd.
41 Bearing Mr.Wallop Pornpitayalert -
42 Machine part Mr.Sommai Panplub Taweemaneeratlohakarn co., ltd.
43 Spring Mr.Chinnawat Sarapornwisit Dynamic spring co., ltd.
44 Gas and control system Mr.Hangseik Saetang Klaunamthaikarnchang co., ltd
45 Electric part Mr.Pissanu Sae-eah . Thaination co., ltd.
46 Leather Mr.Boonlert Lawpaisal Lawpaisal co., ltd.
47 Chemistry Dr.Saiwit Voravinit Mahidol university
48 Hardchrom Mr.Boonchai Chansripiboon B.K.J. egineering
49 Finishing aluminium Mr.Aroon Thawatpongsri A.C.T. hydralic
50 Co-Ordinator Mr.Chanchai Julwathilert Muawleang co., ltd.
51 Transleter Dr.Lertporn Paraskul Turakittibandit University

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