Artificial Legs    

  Steps in Making Artificial Legs

5. How to assemble the artificial leg.
The core of the artificial leg not only serves as a support to the handicapped but also strengthens the entire leg. A desirable core holds the artificial foot to the leg. The following are steps in assembling the artificial leg.

5.1 Give the finishing touch to the artificial foot. Puncture a hole on the upper part of the plastic core to fix with the ankle set, which will be later fix to the core of the artificial leg.

5.2 Put the rubber ball on the level of the plastic core to be a bumper and to create flexibility while walking. By using the urethane rubber ball at the four positions to reduce stress in the ankle. Then fix the core of the artificial leg onto the artificial foot.

5.3 Fix the core of the leg to the stainless steel ankle set on the artificial foot firmly before attaching it to the stainless ball. Attach it to the top part of the artificial leg as described in (4.6) with a bolt number 17.

5.4 Measure the length of the artificial leg to fit the height of the wearer so that the wearer can walk properly. The length is adjustable either at the ankle or at the lower part of the aluminium core.
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