Artificial Legs    

  Steps in Making Artificial Legs

4. How to make an artificial leg

4.1 Polish the plaster until smooth and dip it Bhara-rubber latex to smooth out the plaster.

4.2 Measure the depth of stump. Insert the stainless steel ball covered with plastic net inside. Hold it in place with a nut on the limb. This nut is to be used to fasten the strap.

4.3 Put the plaster mold of stump in the limb (4.2). Adjust the position of mold of stump to fit with the limb observing the direction of the shin.

4.4 Pour a mixture of Polyol and Polyisocyanate at the ratio 100 : 38 in the limb. Press the mold of plaster to the level marked immediate. Leave the latex to cool down. Once cooled, it will become soft, suitable to be a lining to support.

4.5 Remove the plaster mould from artificial limb filled with the latex

4.6 Give the final finishing touch to the artificial leg, which will fit the leg of the wearer and will be comfortable enough to walk.
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