Artificial Legs     
  Steps in Making Artificial Legs

2. How to make an artificial foot
A TIDF's artificial foot can be made just 10 minutes. A good artificial foot should look like a natural foot. Also it should be flexible and has a hardness between 60 - 70 shore A. It should bear the body weight. Moreover, it should be light and waterproof. The following are steps in making an artificial foot.


2.1 Cover the plastic core of the artificial foot with steel wire to reinforce strength and make in flexible.

2.2 Put the plastic core of the feet, covered with steel wire in the hollow of the artificial sole and lock it in place.

2.3 Mix well Polyon and Polyisocyanate at the ratio 100 : 40 in 5 seconds to form a homogeneous mixture.

2.4 Pour the mixture in (2.3) immediately in the block in 5 seconds. Close the block before the mixture reacts with the air and becomes dry.

2.5 Leave the mixture in the block for about 10 minutes until the mixture cools down.

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