Artificial Legs     
  Steps in Making Artificial Legs

1. How to make a bandage plaster of Paris

bandage plaster of Paris, which is used in making a cast of an amputee's leg, can be made in 10 minutes and the cost is only 3 baht per piece, while the imported a bandage plaster of Paris is 50 baht per piece. The following are steps in making a bandage plaster of Paris

1.1 Boil the flour made from tapioca powder in water until it comes to the boil to form paste.

1.2 Bring a piece of cloth used for making a mosquito net, 2 meters long and 15 cms. wide. Dip the cloth in the tapioca paste.

1.3 Wring the cloth until drip dry. Unfold it and hang it on the cloth-line until semi-dry.

1.4 Mix gypsum powder (calcium sulfate) with Calcium carbonate at the rate. 4 : 1 and pour it on the prepared area.

1.5 Bring the semi-dry cloth in (1.3) and put in the mixture in (1.4) while dust the powder mixture in (1.4). Turn the cloth inside out and dust it with the powder mixture.
1.6 Leave a bandage plaster of Paris to dry and keep it to be used when needed.

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